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Sep. 17th, 2012 12:47 pm
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you can find my stuff over at my new site
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i always loved the simple door that came with world adventures and at the same time i hated the ugly brown handles. therefore i just made it castable. the door has 3 colorchannels now, the handles, the frame and the door itself. i'm pretty sure you need world adventure to use it.

download it at my new site

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laika darling

this sweet doggie was supposed to be a gift for my friend eric. you probably all know him and his adorable dog laika from his blog.
in game pics by me / grid by eric

get laika on my new site

eric generously offered to share her with all of you and we would both love for you to have her in your game.

make sure you grab eric's amazing killim rugs aswell to make laika feel comfy - she needs something to pee on.

download the rugs at b5studio
(aswell as some of the most awesome custom content thats available in the sims community)
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just because sometimes less (color) is more i created this black and white canvas painting. the pictures are from different places all over the web and there are 40 different ones on one mesh. the mesh is from sixtyten, you can get it at livingsims

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tiki at livingsims requested some mexican wall art. many thanks to eric for the beautiful mesh!

download them @ livingsims
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i'm a huge fan of my little pony - friendship is magic, it's totally adorable. when i saw this awesome artwork from equestria-election i just knew i need that in my game. many thanks for the artwork and the kind permission to use it, to our talented esjai for edting the artwork and adding simlish versions and of course our fabulous eric for the great mesh.

the posters have 30 recolors in one file and the pins are recolourable.

get them at my new site
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i found an awesome 2 story canvas mesh from luna. she did a great job, i just fell in love with the mesh and really wanted to use it for this project.
without the assistance, help, advice and endless patience of eric i would have never managed to finish it. thank you so much eric, you are my hero!
i also want to thank sappy sap for testing my very first cc and her positive feedback.

today i have 30 recolors in one file for you:

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i'm not good in introducing myself therefore i'll skip it.

just started creating cc for the sims 3. i finished my first paintings project today. so i thought a blog would be a good idea to share my stuff with you. you're welcome to do with it what you like. just please do not claim as your own, credit is always appreciated and do not upload to paysites or the exchange. all content created with TSRW.

also i'm going to post something about my dollies life and their houses here every now and then.

maybe sometimes ponies will sneak in too.

well, i'm really excited and glad to have you here, hope you enjoy your stay.



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