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2012-09-17 12:04 pm

laika darling

laika darling

this sweet doggie was supposed to be a gift for my friend eric. you probably all know him and his adorable dog laika from his blog.
in game pics by me / grid by eric

get laika on my new site

eric generously offered to share her with all of you and we would both love for you to have her in your game.

make sure you grab eric's amazing killim rugs aswell to make laika feel comfy - she needs something to pee on.

download the rugs at b5studio
(aswell as some of the most awesome custom content thats available in the sims community)
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2012-09-17 12:19 pm
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simple door with castable handle

i always loved the simple door that came with world adventures and at the same time i hated the ugly brown handles. therefore i just made it castable. the door has 3 colorchannels now, the handles, the frame and the door itself. i'm pretty sure you need world adventure to use it.

download it at my new site

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2012-09-17 12:47 pm

i moved!

you can find my stuff over at my new site